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Phoenix Woodworks started in 1982 as a division of Creative Contracting in Novato, CA.  In 1997, Kevin Woodman bought the cabinet business and reopened as one of the Bay area’s premier suppliers of custom crafted wood.  A master craftsman with a background in sculpture, Kevin supervises every job personally.

Kevin, a general contractor by license, a woodworker by trade, and an artist in nature, studied architecture at Fresno State and College of Marin.  He began his career as a graphic artist and ceramicist, but quickly gravitated toward the building trades because of the opportunity to engage his talents in large, multi-faceted projects.  

Although relatively small in number, the artisans of Phoenix Woodworks have proved adept at handling large, highly complex installations down to small pieces of beautifully finished furniture.  Because of our relentless focus on perfection and timely delivery, we have consistently been chosen to work with the top architects and contractors in the Bay area.  Our portfolio is proof of their trust.